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Welcome to DwellMini, the brainchild of three passionate advocates of the tiny home movement. We’re not just fans; we’re believers, practitioners, and promoters of a minimalist, sustainable, and compact lifestyle. Our journey began individually, each of us falling in love with the concept of small living for varied reasons. But destiny had it planned that our paths would cross, and DwellMini would be born.

Meet the Trio Behind DwellMini

1. James “Jay” Thompson The Practical Planner

James, often known as Jay amongst friends, was the first to dive into the tiny home lifestyle. A seasoned architect, he was drawn to the challenge of creating functional spaces within limited square footage. Jay believes that every inch counts and has a knack for designing homes that are as practical as they are aesthetic. When he’s not sketching out new designs, you’ll find him researching sustainable materials or hosting workshops for tiny home enthusiasts.

2. Lila Robinson The Eco-Warrior

Lila’s journey into the world of tiny homes began with her passion for the environment. She was on a mission to reduce her carbon footprint, and the tiny home lifestyle was her answer. Lila brings to the team a wealth of knowledge about sustainable living practices, eco-friendly home solutions, and a network of green product suppliers. She’s our go-to person for anything related to living green and clean.

3. Max Harrison The Community Builder

Max’s love for tiny homes is all about the community. He’s lived in several tiny home communities across the country and is a firm believer in the shared values and tight-knit bonds these spaces foster. Max is the voice behind many of our community-focused articles and is always on the lookout for inspiring tiny home stories from around the world. He’s also our tech guru, ensuring that DwellMini reaches enthusiasts globally.

Why DwellMini?

Our combined experiences, though diverse, had one common thread – the joy and fulfilment of living small. We realised that there was a burgeoning community of like-minded individuals eager to explore this lifestyle but often unsure where to start. DwellMini was our answer to that.

Here, we aim to share our collective knowledge, experiences, and insights about the tiny home market. From practical design tips by Jay, sustainable living hacks from Lila, to heartwarming community stories by Max, DwellMini is your one-stop destination for all things tiny homes.

Join Us on This Journey

We’re thrilled to have you here and invite you to be a part of our growing community. Whether you’re a tiny home veteran, a newbie looking for guidance, or someone curious about this lifestyle, there’s something for everyone at DwellMini.

Feel free to reach out, share your stories, or ask questions. After all, DwellMini isn’t just about us; it’s about all of us passionate about tiny living.

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